RAD Performance x starsky

RAD Performance | Soundride | Cooperation

Step into a collaborative journey as we team up with starsky to explore the depths of sound and visual. Delving into our musical archives, we’re piecing together the perfect sonic backdrop for each station of the Projection Guerrilla Tour.

With flags mounted on our Soundbikes, we’ll travel into starsky’s realm, capturing their evocative messages. Dive into snippets of our Soundrides, featuring tracks by Heejin JangMala Herba, Julia Just, Tahereh Nourani and Gischt from our recent feminist Soundride with Take Back The Streets, the arooo.records mix by Sara Zlanabitnig and our radio play, BIOSPHERE delving into the intricacies of sustainability in urban environments.

Die Projektionsguerilla: wir sind mächtiger als irrglaubt !!

Moving text interventions in public space: the feminsit projection guerrilla is a radical intervention for political beauty, whenever the social or political situation requires it. Texts made of light – fleeting and provocative – are projected into the urban space, onto the surrounding places of power and “capitalisation”. As an artistic gesture and act of freedom of expression, these texts cover the landscape as luminous messages visible from afar and set signs of self-determination and self-empowerment.

The projected texts deal with feminist concerns, questions of equality, human rights and self-determination and can be seen as artistic and civic opposition. Guerrilla opens up new audiences through chance and deliberate encounters in public space. > starsky.at


  • Freitag, 26. April 2024
  • Meeting Point: 
19:00, Museumsquartier, 1010 Wien

  • Guerrilla Tour: 20:00-22:00
GPS: 48.204055, 16.358836


  • Bull . Bunny . Conny . Gulnaz . Lena . Pina 
  • Thanks to Hermes Radbot*innen
  • Artistic Direction: Conny Zenk
  • Technical Direction: Georg Hartl
  • Production Management: Lena Kauer | Der Goldene Shit
  • Graphic Design: Hannah Mayr
  • Costume: Birgit Rampula | amateur
  • Production: a_maze | HAZE