RAD Performance – sound system

RAD Performance presents concerts in public space, on the road, and in motion, composing and playing while on the move.

Pieces of music by different sound artists, the choral movement of the performers on the bicycle, and the dynamics and distance between the moving sound sources create unique soundscapes for the audience. The concerts take place along cycle routes in the city of Vienna and other regions of Austria. The visitors are accompanied by a mobile loudspeaker orchestra on wheels. The acoustic, urban space complements, overlays, and extends the electronic composition. At the crossroads of concert, performance, and sound art, the bicycle becomes an artistic medium. RAD Performance creates a new way of experiencing urban space by bicycle.

Sound Specifications

RAD Performance is cycling with extremely compact speakers with waveguide, at least “Power HiFi”, actually already PA. High output with linear frequency response. The use of a waveguide increases the range and efficiency. Speech reproduction is excellent. The loudspeakers are driven by custom-made amplifier modules for RAD Performance. The modules are built as compact as possible to allow easy mounting on the bikes. An in-ear monitoring system from Shure is used to ensure high-quality audio transmission. The use of lithium-ion batteries allows an operating time of at least 3 hours. An important criterion for the development was the latency-free multi-channel transmission of music content to the loudspeakers. We use nowadays common solutions for wireless audio transmission in the event sector. The operation of the radio links by means of directional antennas and the choice of the 600Mhz band, which is subject to registration, ensures the highest possible reliability and can be described as a state-of-the-art solution that corresponds to the current industry standard.