SPIRAL BIKE | Concert | Performance | Soundride

SPIRAL BIKE ist ein neues Konzertformat aus Wien, das Sound Art und Performance mit einzigartigen Routen und Architekturen der Stadt verbindet. In einem über mehrere Monate angelegten Programm werden unterschiedliche Bezirke der Stadt Wien, vom Zentrum bis in die Peripherie bespielt. Konzerte und Performances finden in den einzigartigen RAD-Spiralen entlang der Praterbrücke nach Donaustadt, von der Südbahnhofbrücke nach Simmering und der Brigittenauerbrücke nach Floridsdorf statt, wobei das Publikum eingeladen ist, mit dem eigenen Fahrrad teilzunehmen.

SPIRAL BIKE präsentiert Konzerte und Klangkunst am Fahrrad, mit mobilen Lautsprechern, in Bewegung und unter freiem Himmel. Das Fahrrad wird zum Medium für Sound Art im öffentlichen Raum und zur Inspiration für musikalische und performative Werke. Als Schwarm mit mobilen PA Lautsprechern, bewegt sich RAD Performance durch die Stadt. Die Straße wird zur Bühne, das Fahrrad zum Soundbike, die kollektive Ausfahrt zum Konzert.


Brigitta Bödenauer is an experimental filmmaker, installation artist and electronic musician from Vienna. She has been active as DJ in Vienna’s noise and experimental scene since the early 1990s. Extensive experiments – driven by her fascination for the sensuality of movement and material – mark the beginning of each of her works. She creates fleeting spaces by employing various acoustic and/or visual means often addressing the intangible, the hidden, or what eludes perception. Her films received a number of awards including the First Prize at the Diagonale Festival 2004 in Graz in the category „Innovative Cinema“ and the „Best Abstract Film“ at the London International Animation Festival in 2008. She teaches and writes on film and visual media.

Jerobeam Fenderson + hansi3d

Jerobeam Fenderson is an audiovisual artist and electronic tinkerer based in Vienna, Austria, who likes drones, lasers, computers and cats.
hansi3d grew up in Austria, where he still lives. He really likes mathematics, computer programming and music and combines these into a/v performances. Since 2014 he spends a large part of his time in a collaboration with Jerobeam Fenderson. Together they usually explore the curious world of oscilloscope music.

Jakob Schauer is a musician and performer from Vienna. He has an extensive CV of solo and collaborative performances that include fixed media, audio-visual, sound for silent film and pure electronics, both improvised and rhythm focused. He has performed at a wide range of city and festivals that include Klangmanifeste, Lichtfest Krems, Playground AV Festival, Sonic Territories or Oktolog Festival and designed spatial sound installation, multi media installations and art works in virtual reality for various contexts.

Fabian Lanzmaier works with sound and music, as a solo artist as well as in several formations combining sound with installations, theatre, dance, moving image and live performances. In his live performances he uses audio synthesis to explore aspects of texture and structure of sound as well as its presence within space. He is experimenting with perception and ideas of natural / artificial sounds, fluid and ambiguous environments. A maze into surreal surroundings of organic structures in constant movement and disruption.

Gischt aka Ursula Winterauer generates raw sounds between brutality and harmony. Her eclectic soundscapes deliver differentiated interpretations of the genres industrial, techno, and ambient, which are reflected by means of bass guitar, synthesizer, and electro-smog clouds. Performances at Austrian festivals, as well as in cities such as Zurich, Berlin, Priština, and New York. In addition to curatorial work, she runs the label Ventil Records and works as a composer & sound designer for film and performance.

Outside Eye focuses on narratives such as continuity and acceleration through acoustic and visual compositions and live performances. Their main work involves creating a language of improvisation between the body, (digital and physical) spaces and movement-based sound art. Using analog music processing, they create abstract elements such as oscillating pulses and granular flickers, as well as massive drones and stroboscopic bursts. Outside Eye play with the concept of perception and what can be heard in motion. Acoustic experiments in public spaces and participatory performances form the starting point of their artistic practice.

Conny Zenk is a transdisciplinary artist who combines video, performance, and sound art. Her work explores, interrupts, and renegotiates her findings by engaging directly with communities in the context of performance, cycling, and experimental music. In this way, she creates languages and spaces to expose and subvert systems of power. Since 2015, she has curated the participatory event series RAD Performance, which took place in the context of CITY OF NOISE with Viennese record labels. Since then, numerous projects in the field of sound art, city history, and feminism have been realized with bicycles in public spaces. With projects such as sound x tracks, VELODROME, and Soundrides, she has been working on a new music format, developed as an innovative possibility for concerts in public spaces.


Bokan . Bull . Carrot . Conny . Gulnaz .
Danke an: Hermes Radbot*innen Wien


RAD Performers: Bokan, Bull, Carrot, Conny, Gulnaz
Artistic Direction: Conny Zenk
Technical Direction: Georg Hartl
Technical Assistance: Markus Liszt
Costume: Astrid Eder | sew.i.y.
Video: Ioana Tarchila
Grafik: Hannah Mayr
Poduction Managment: Lena Kauer | der goldene shit
Production Assistance: Michaela Zenk
Production: a_maze | HAZE

Im Rahmen von SHIFT und mit freundlicher Untersützung des Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur öffentlichen Dienst und Sport.

Freitag, 25-08-2023

  • Meeting point:
  • 18:00 SOUNDRIDE
  • Prater Hauptallee / Höhe Südosttangente
  • 19:30 KONZERTE Südbahnhofbrücke
  • RAD-Spirale Südbahnhofbrücke
  • GPS: 48.178056, 16.392479
  • (in case of bad weather: Sunday 27-08-2023, Soundride 18, Concerts 19:30h)