Dance your bike!

RAD Performance CITY OF NOISE präsentiert ein neues Kompositionsformat für das Fahrrad, realisiert in Bewegung und mit einer Vielzahl an mobilen Lautsprechern und Rädern.

RAD Performance CITY OF NOISE presents a new composition format for the bicycle, realized in motion and with a variety of mobile speakers and wheels. The experimental field is called Sonic Environment and Sound Research. Fixed-media compositions of different sound artists*, the choral movement of the performers* on the bicycle as well as the dynamics and distance between the moving sound sources create unique soundscapes for the audience. Templates for the choreography are, among other things, historical cycle circle dance figures and worker cyclist formations.


Artistic Director: Conny Zenk
Choreography: Petra Sturm
Sound: Gloria Amesbauer, Konstantin Kuzmanovski, Rahel Kraft, Conny Zenk
Performers: Arik Kofranek, Ina Hoheisel, Judith Pirklbauer, Silvia Poglitsch, Elizabeth Spouse, Elena Tiis, Ingrid Wollinger, Christian Daschek, Elena Floriani
Technical Director: Georg Hartl
Electronic Engineering: Simon Laburda, Aryan Yalefaar


  • 24-09-2020
  • RAD Performance Dance Your Bike! – Festival Wiener Rauschen – Aspern Seestadt, 1220 Wien
  • 18-10-2020
  • RAD Performance Dance Your Bike! – paraflows – Festival RE_COMPOSED, Schwarzenbergplatz, 1030 Wien
  • 21-10-2020
  • RAD Performance Dance Your Bike! – Der blöde dritte Mittwoch, Yppen Park, 1160 Wien