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Racing the beach with your favorite Soundbikes

GIRO of the Spiral invites the audience on a digital ride through the city. Vienna becomes an imaginary race track, where the bicycle becomes a marble, instrument, and avatar. What drives the sound of your city? How can public space be reclaimed through sound art, performance, and collective cycling? GIRO of the Spiral draws inspiration from an old Italian summer game, Giro d’Italia con le biglie. In this game, a sandy track is laden with climbs, jumps, holes, and parabolic waves. Feel the sand in your hands as your marble enters the spiral!

Giro of the SPIRAL is a participatory installation by Conny Zenk and Martina Moro. SPIRAL BIKE Soundtrack by Jakob Schauer.

Martina Moro is a multidisciplinary artist based in Vienna. Moro uses games, light and sound, charming gadgets and ceramic creatures to develop narratives that stimulate the physical, sensory and ethical identities of our surroundings. She presented her works in exhibitions, stages and virtual spaces, as solo artist and in collaborative works. Moro is part of the multidisciplinary collective Verschub Records, is a faculty member of PIP (Pegasus Institute for Pataphysics)

Jakob Schauer is a musician and performer from Vienna. He has an extensive CV of solo and collaborative performances that include fixed media, audio-visual, sound for silent film, and pure electronics, both improvised and rhythm focused. He has performed at a wide range of cities and festivals that include Klangmanifeste, Lichtfest Krems, Playground AV Festival, Sonic Territories, and Oktolog Festival and designed spatial sound installations, multimedia installations, and artworks in virtual reality for various contexts.

Conny Zenk is an artist and artistic researcher exploring hybrid contexts between performance, video, sound art, and urban space. Her work includes projects in Asia and Europe, collaborations in audio-visual experimental concerts, and transdisciplinary and transcultural forms of action in public space. She is the founder of the art project RAD Performance.

Curated by Magdalena Scheicher
In cooperation with:


  • PART II:
  • A group exhibition of by Sandkasten Syndikat
  • 08-05-2024 – 16-05-2024
  • WASCHKÜCHE / Semmelweisklinik, Hockegasse 37 Haus 4, 1180 Wien


  • Together with Sandkastensyndikat, Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory, Kollektiv Raumstation & friends we bring the pirate beach to Vienna.


  • PIRATE CULTURES is an artistic-scientific research that explores piracy as an emancipatory politics of reappropriation, care and DIY culture. Based on a series of self-organized initiatives, it tells of struggles and utopian aspirations: It is about unusual urban routes, resistance to patriarchal body politics, digital spheres free from existing power relations, bypassing conventional media infrastructures, open-source systems and peer production.

VERNISSAGE 08-05-2024

  • 18:00 Opening with performative interventions by
  • Kollektiv Raumstation & Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory (a/o)
  • 20:00 Plunder Sonics & Pirate Radio Compositions:
  • Sound Performance by David Pridal (Sandkasten Syndikat)


  • 09-05 – 11-05 & 14-05– 15-05, 16:00-20:00
  • and by appointment
  • Sunday & Monday closed