Centriphery invites the audience to an exciting cycling performance, which develops its own perspective on the region and the landscape of the Machland, navigating various locations and landscapes and making them into a stage. The bicycle, wheelchair, and other mobile vehicular devices will simultaneously become actors and instruments. Regional traditions such as “Ratschen”, which is recognized as the immaterial cultural heritage of Upper Austria, will also be part of the performance, as the examination of mobility and the body, confrontations with passersby, and audiovisual art in public space that will be made accessible and experienced by many different people at once. The choreography with which the cyclists will move through the landscape will connect and make the intersections between performance, sound art, media art, and bicycle history dynamic.

Artistic Team

Conny Zenk (AT), Gustavo Ciríaco (PT), Cornelia Scheuer (AT) and Kalin Serapionov (BG) in cooperation with Theresa Böck, Veronika Mayer, Christian F. Schiller and Petra Sturm


Event technology: Habegger GmbH
Technical Director: Georg Hartl
Event technician: Michael Brosenbauer
Production: RAD Performance / Festival der Regionen


  • Centriphery – RADschen-Wanderung
  • im Rahmen des Festivals der Regionen
  • 30. Juni. und 4., 5. und 6. Juli 19 Uhr
  • am Donauradweg zwischen Mitterkirchen bis Baumgartenberg
  • The project is part of Centriphery, which is a co-production of Festival of the Regions (A), Cultura Nova (NL), Dansehallerne (DK), Anda&Fala (PT), La Manufacture (F), Rijeka 2020 (HR), Prin Banat (RO), nova kultura (BG), Espoo City Theatre (SF) and co-financed by Creative Europe