REC. /w ensemble reflektor

What does Lüneburg sound like? How can cities be reimagined through collective listening?
Together with the ensemble reflektor in “Records from an Emerging City”, we are in search of the sound of the city of Lüneburg.

As part of several workshops in Lüneburg, media artist Conny Zenk had the opportunity to talk to very different people about the sound of their city. The sonic excerpts and atmospheres of the city of Lüneburg, as well as the conversations with workshop participants and residents, form the basis of the electronic compositions. Fragments of voices and noises are layered over the soundscapes of public streets and squares. Soundtracks connect conversations with places and memories. Cyclists, passers-by and residents question the city as a realm of sound, exploring its effects of power and its implications.

The City Soundtracks, composed by Conny Zenk / Matthias Hurtl, and the mix by Sara Zlanabitnig with compositions from the Arooo.records label forms the soundtrack for the two Soundwalks and Soundrides.

In the closing video concert under the direction of Holly Hyun Choe, the City Soundtracks finally meet Jessie Montgomerie’s “Records from a Vanishing City” and Emilie Mayer’s Symphony No. 6. Conny Zenk uses live visuals to make the fusion of the electronic sounds with the instrumental sounds of the chamber orchestra visually tangible.

Live music by ensemble reflektor | Composition: Maria J. Reich
Soundride Mix by Sara Zlanabitnig / Arooo. Records.


  • 1. Oktober 2022
  • Soundwalk/Soundride
  • Startpunkt: Marienplatz, 16:00

  • 2. Oktober 2022
  • audio-visuelles Konzert
  • St. Johanniskirche, 19:30