Soundride TM

RAD Performance and Pedallez TM reunite the music from Temeswar and Vienna-based artists*.

As a swarm equipped with mobile PA speakers, we move through the city. The street becomes a stage, the bicycle a sound vehicle, the collective ride turns into a concert. Join the Soundride and be part of this unique sound and ride experience.

Soundtracks by: Acetobă (TM), HAOS (TM), JazzyBIT (TM), Obiect (TM), Dordeduh (TM), The Different Class (TM), Makunochi Bento (TM), Blazzaj (TM), K-lu (TM), Mighty Boogie (TM), UFO (TM), G. Robotel (TM), Riot199 (TM), Alur Duvaal (TM), Leizaboy (TM), Rojin Sharafi (VIE), Isabella Forciniti (VIE), Antonia XM (VIE), Martin Burk (VIE), Rahel Kraft (VIE), VENTIL (VIE)


In cooperation with Moving Fireplaces: Centriphery, Prin Banat, Pedallaez TM, Ciclocurier and Masa Critică Timișoara


Foto: Gabriel Amza
Video: Ioana Tarchila


  • Wednesday, 14th July 2021
  • 8 PM - Piața Libertății - Timișoara, Rumania