Join us [Matthias and Йоана] in a three day workshop to build and perform with bike-cranked cassette tape players. Combining the long tradition of using a bicycle as a music instrument and the symbolic appearance of amplifed sound in urban culture, we will build a bike module that allows you to play and record audio with the speed and dynamics of your biking. We will turn our bikes into instruments that include us and the environment as active participants in recording and listening to music in public space.

Let’s make cities loud again!

Йоана Бузова / Yoana Buzova is an artist and educator who always wanted to resist to imposed structures, beliefs and technologies, but was always too polite to get angry. She got some relief, when trough empirical research she discovered that resistance as an essential element of uselessness. She employs low-tech, DIY methods, found and re-purposed material to make useless urban in.ter.ventions that interrupt passers-by and engage them in temporary actions.

Matthias Hurtl is a sound artist and researcher currently based in Rotterdam. He holds a diploma in Digital Arts of the University for Applied Arts in Vienna. In his practice, he often is fascinated by activities happening in outer space. His current research at the Insitute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, deals with hunting and harvesting satellite transmissions and their use in live performance and composition.


  • 18-19 July 2018
  • Stories about bike instruments, circadian rhythms, boomboxes and walkmans, and then mostly soldering
  • 20 July 2018
  • We join the critical mass and end with a collaborative performance.
  • 17:00 – 21:00 Workshop – Cranked Tapes
  • hosted by Kunstkanal / Ulrichgasse 1, 1020 Wien